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And we’re back from the midseason break with a new episode of The Flash. They’re really turning up the heat for the rest of this season it looks like, and they’re starting now.

We left on just a bit of a cliffhanger, with Zoom and Wells meeting up, The Folks on Legends are off, and Wally West shows up. So let’s see how things shake out. Spoilers ahead!


We start up with Barry having a nightmare about the worst case scenario for Patty if his Flash identity puts her in jeopardy. It’s about time he tells her already.

Cisco has a new idea for taking on Zoom. “The Turtle.” Apparently he is another Meta who they’ve put on the “to catch later” pile because there were others that had their focus, who Cisco gladly lists off.

The Turtle’s power is that he slows down time all around him so it seems like he’s the one moving super fast. The ‘scientific explanation’ being that he takes the kinetic energy from those around him and transfers it to himself, leaving everyone else in a state of potential energy.


The team finds the perfect heist opportunity, a nice painting on loan to the local museum. Barry thinks this is a great opportunity to tell and show Patty that he’s the Flash. Cisco it totally on board, but Wells tries to warn Barry off of it, saying that if Zoom knew who Barry cared about, that he would use her against him.

Cisco: Do you think when you’re fighting crime it’s a good idea to bring a date?

Barry: I’m going to tell Patty I’m the Flash. Is that a bad idea? What do we think ?

Cisco: I will say she put bullets in King Shark and Harry.

Barry: Yeah?

Cisco: As far as I’m concerned that’s Team Flash Material to me.


The team suits up, in real suits this time, and heads to the museum’s formal event. Barry still goes through with bringing her along, but his flashbacks to his nightmares suggest Wells’s words are in the back of his mind. He takes her out on the dance floor, and was just about to tell her when The Turtle appears.

Patty pulls her gun on him when she sees him stealing the painting. Turtle and Flash ‘face off’ for a moment before he shoots the chandelier and it falls towards Patty. Barry goes to save her, getting hit by the chandelier himself. The team carries him off, but he’s fine.


That is, until he has to face Patty who he kinda ditched at the party after the incident with The Turtle. She is of course mad, she’s been incredibly patient with him so far despite his less than admirable qualities. She tells him

Then the Flash’s worst nightmare come true, except it’s not Zoom who took Patty, it’s the Turtle who saw how the Flash was quick to save her at the museum. He tells her he wants her to stop moving, forever. He already made his wife stop this way.


Barry goes after her, knowing that he has no way of neutralizing the Turtle’s powers, and that he will have to make his moves during the spaces between the Turtle’s pulses, which Caitlin says are two tenths of a second long.

Barry eventually manages it and saves her, and into the pipeline goes the Turtle.


Barry takes this incident to heart and decides to come clean to Patty. He goes to tell her the truth, but it’s too late. Patty is returning to school because what she’s always wanted to do was be CSI. She’s leaving Central City behind.

Then we see the set up for next week:


On the Wally Front

Joe showed Wally around the office, it seems like Wally is a little more reserved throughout the experience, while Joe an Iris are over excited. It makes it even more awkward when a criminal recognizes Wally and calls him by a code name.


We then know how the criminal knew Wally. He’s apparently a street racer. Joe finds him after his race wanting to confront him not only about the illegal street racing, but also about how he is showing no interest in getting to know him or Iris after all.

Wally unleashes his frustration with Joe, saying that his racing and winning is how he’s paying for his mother to get the treatment she needs. He is the man of the house, and he’s taking care of her.


The two have a more sincere heart to heart later. Joe admits he was trying to force the relationship too much, but he does feel bad for not being there for him when he was growing up.

Assorted Musings

Turtle says he wants to hurt someone who cares for Patty. Patty says Barry. Turtle says, no Flash. Neither one puts two and two together here.


Patty leaving is pretty lame, and I kind hope it doesn’t stick.

Not sure why they threw in Jay being sick. The only cure is that he needs his speed back? Like they weren’t working towards that already with catching Zoom. I don’t think that bodes well for his survivability.


I love Cisco. And Jay for that matter.


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