Ender's Game spoilers....

How did that Bonzo guy (really? Bonzo?) ever get to command anything, he's just abut the worst leader possible. I mean - OK, I've been in the army, I've met people like him in commanding ranks. I just would have hoped they knew better in the future.

Even our hero is not - too sympathetic for pretty much of the movie, but I guess that's kinda the point of his character arc, is it not? And admittedly, many minor characters aren't, but they remain pretty weak, anyway. I may assume there was a lot lost in translation from the book, which I haven't read, but this story seems to require a lot more introspective into the characters than the movie could provide.

Or maybe it's jut because the author is an asshole, which, as it seems, he is.

Ben Kingsley plays a Maori. I guess he has another point on his scorecard of playing just any ethnicity imaginable.


Movie looks great - haven't seen it in 3D, but it could be worth it.

The big twist - well, I wasn't technically spoiled other than knowing it would come, but that alone helped to see it from a mile away, so... meh. But I like the message. Not exactly subtle. And the whole understanding getting to know the other until you love him can also be applied to gays, Mr. Card, not only to Alien Bugs. Just saying.


Talking about bugs... yeah. Seen that before.


Solid movie. Nice entertainment, but far from groundbreaking.