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The Gifted "eXtreme measures" Reaction Thread

Yeah nothing that happened last week changed my opinion about the Struckers. Reed and Caitlin are both the unfortunate recipients of being forced to make bad arguments, Andy’s a whiny asshole, and Lauren’s just there. Welcome to the Gifted season 1 episode 7 “eXtreme measures” spoilerific reaction thread, where you can share your thoughts on the show as it plays out or after it’s done.

If you have a review of the show you want to share with us post it down below and I’ll throw it up here.

  • Jesse Hassenger at the AV Club was not thrilled with this weeks showing:

Mutant of the Night: Dreamer for being yet another character from the comics (Maybe I’ll run out of those eventually)


These spoilers are the gift you can’t ungift, beware!!!!

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