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The Gigi Open Thread: Gold Edition (With A Free Milky Bar For Every Patron).

Welcome to the new Gigi Open Thread: Gold Edition! The new version of the open thread to compete with all the mega threads we’ve been getting lately. For example, not only can you talk about anything you want, you Can talk about anything you want... While naked!

I know you’re probably getting sick of me talking about this now, but it has been five days since they said they’d check up about the post-grad Bursary and guess what, still no response!!! I’m beyond anxious now and just angry because seriously, WTF is taking so long!!!


Question of the day: Why do you think animated video game films are usually better than live-action ones? Films like Street Fighter II, Pokemon 3, Resident Evil Damnation, Air, Bayonetta: Bloody Fates, Wreak it Ralph and all of the Persona films break the all VG films suck rule, but no-one ever discusses why?

I’ve noticed that many of the good ones seem to have similarities like instead of making a straight up adaptation, they go for a side story that is heavily character driven.

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