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The Good Place Gives Us Swearing, Moral Particularism, and JORTLES!

There is a lot to love about The Good Place. The fact that they can seamlessly go from making douchey bro jokes to talking about Claire Danes’ stepfather’s writing on moral particularism is one. The fact that Kristen Bell looks smoking in her Mad Men get up is another. (Also, Jameela Jamil’s American accent is surprisingly good.)


The best thing, however, about The Good Place is that it can pay off a single joke or scene much later on — doing a version of Chekov’s Gun where you don’t even notice that the gun is there. Jason’s repeated references to Molotov cocktails solving everything is one such Chekov’s Gun, but the bigger one so far is the Trolley Problem...and how Michael finally solves it.

Some more things about this episode that were fucking awesome:

  • “You can’t be Blake Bortles.” “Okay, then I choose Jake-” “Don’t say ‘Jortles’” “JORTLES!”
  • Jason on problem solving: “Any time I had a problem, I threw a Molotov cocktail and, boom, I had a different problem.”
  • “Jason, this is Hell. Of course there is a gift shop.”
  • When they first arrive in the Bad Place and leave the train, there is a movie poster for Pirates of the Caribbean 6: The Cursed Crow’s Nest or something, whatever, who cares. Now playing Everywhere, Forever.
  • Good Janet’s inability to not be nice. Including hiding an extra glass of water behind her back.
  • Dax Shephard (a.k.a. Mr. Kristen Bell) playing a douchey bro demon in the “toxic masculinity” department.
  • The sound of Mindy and Derek’s wind-chime sex.

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