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First I got invited to some Beta whose name I now forget and certainly wasn't something with an NDA, and now I get invited to Hearthstone beta! I have never played card games before but a couple of my favorite Youtubers have played this and it looks like a lot of fun. Maybe if I am lucky I will also get an invite for Storm of Heroes.


Between this, playing Warcraft 1 and 2 and working on a solo Hardcore Wizard in Diablo 3, I am almost at complete Blizzard saturation. Maybe I should get around to finally playing Starcraft 2. Not WoW though. I enjoyed that a lot when it came out but now I am excited for a new MMO, Elder Scrolls Online instead. I can't wait to play it. I wish I would get an invite to a Beta one day, that would be really cool. But I will have to wait till release to finally play it.

Anyone else playing?

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