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The Greatest Next Issue Preview Ever

If you aren’t reading Squirrel Girl then - well, then you aren’t reading Squirrel Girl - but whatever, the comic is stupid fun. And the next issue is set to have the biggest brawl in comic book history: Squirrel Girl v. Galactus: The Nut of Justice!

The past few issues have been building up to a major confrontation between The Savior of Acorns and The Devourer of Worlds, as apparently Squirrel Girl’s arboreal rodent rapport clued her into the Big G’s return to Earth, something no other superhero could deal with in time.


In preparation for this massive event, she soundly defeated Iron Man 2 bad guy Whiplash, broke into Tony Stark’s tower, stole and modified an Iron Man suit (and an extra glove for her squirrel sidekick Tippy Toe), and flew to the oak-scratching MOON!

This week’s Squirrel Girl #4 features the final confrontation between an unbeatable force and an unslakable hunger. Here’s the preview from Comic Book Resources (make sure you read the tiny text beneath the first page):


Whelp, that’s it. Forget Secret Wars, forget Convergence, this is it. The comic book medium has reached its zenith. We can all go home now.


And collect nuts.

[Preview via ComicBookResources.com]

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