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The Guardian asks which Pratchett novel to make snobby literary critic read, Internet tells them to GTFO

A few days ago, The Guardian published a terrible piece by a literary critic declaring Sir Terry’s books mediocre (as opposed to literature), even though he had not read any of them. Outrage ensued, and it seems that now The Guardian wants to make said critic read at least one Terry Pratchett book. Rather predictably, the response was probably not what they expected.

Many have dismissed Jonathan Jones’ piece as clickbait trolling, especially giving the timing (coinciding with the publication of Sir Terry’s last book), and should be ignored. I can go on at length about why he must be called out, mostly because it’s attitudes like his that close minds and get others to stop reading.


Obviously, telling this guy that he shouldn’t read Pratchett because he wouldn’t enjoy it anyway is a bit contrary the purpose. But I suspect someone so proud of his ignorant snobbery wouldn’t change his mind anyway. I would suggest he read Thud, but he would probably miss the point of Reynold Stitched.

*Seems like the Guardian is milking this “controversy” for all it’s got, what with publishing rebuttals in the same day and other criticism. Feels a bit money-grabbing, especially given the timing. In the words of the literary talent Austen”It was badly done, indeed!”

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