Let’s be honest, there is always that one thing, or even a few things that you feel guilty in liking. Like secretly enjoying Michael Bay films, you listen to One Direction while nobody is looking. Or that you bought something that you told yourself you wouldn’t. Or even it’s something that is in odds in everything else you enjoy.

We all have them, we are human after all (except for Tim).

As I wrote yesterday, there was a lot to be disappointed about this year (I actually forgot to mention The Edge of Tomorrow which I couldn't get over that yet again, Hollywood whitewashed a foreign work and for some reason, people indorsed it. Even those who were against it in The Last Airbender, Exodus and Dragon Ball Evolution).

That also means that there is going to be a few you enjoyed despite yourself.

So here are my guilty pleasures of 2014, Please feel free to talk about your own (just don’t reveal anything that could get you done by the police, trust me it is not worth it).


S.H. Figuarts Android 17 and 18

These go into the category of buying something you told yourself not to.

I am not a collector of action figures, most that I have are gifts that I have been given to me by friends and family. However, I am a big fan of the Dragon Ball series and the Android (or Cyborgs) Siblings are two of my favourite characters. Also, I noticed that I could get both for about £30 (to put that in perspective, I can’t find either of them know for under £42 now) so I bought them.


They are incredibly enjoyable figures and very poseable and I am ultimately glad I bought them. It is just that they are not what I would usually buy (Also seriously, why on earth are they so expensive normally).

The Amazing Spider-Man 2


This goes into the category of that it is in Odds with everything else I enjoy.

Like I said on the most disappointing list, even though the film failed to live up to expectations and was ultimately disappointing. Even though the characters are stupid as hell and the plot is just several short films cut and pasted in an attempt to make a coherent film.

But yet, I can’t say I hated it like so many others do. It is bad don’t get me wrong, but I don’t know. I found it fun to watch.


It is like I was watching a drunken speech by the best man at a wedding reception, you know it Is bad, but you can’t do anything but watch it.



Yes, the science is absurd and yes, I like many of you, I wish films would stop perpetuating myths like the 10% of your brain and many others.

But like with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, I can't say I didn't enjoy watching it and unlike with that film, I didn't think it was a bad.

Admittedly, I haven't seen it or thought much about it since I saw it in the cinema, but at the time I thought the action was good, some of the jokes worked and the story was decent. It was a okay blockbuster flick basically to me.


Shake It Off By Taylor Twift



God I know I just got a lot of strange looks from many of you just now.

Yes, this one goes straight into the category of that I am utterly embarrassed and cannot believe I enjoy this, but I do.


I like this song, I also liked the recent Blank Space.

I never liked any of her early songs, they just didn’t appeal to me. However, after listening to her song We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (I just know I got even more strange looks for that one as well), I found myself singing it to myself.

They aren’t songs I found myself desperately buying and you will never see me at a Taylor Swift concert. I just find some of her recent songs very catchy and enjoyable to listen to.


Well I’ve made myself feel absolutely awkward and know that some of you can't look at my avatar the same way now.

Hope you enjoyed that!