The heavens bring gifts, and they are AWESOME!

It's been an exciting week here at Thursday Tales. We have five (5) quality tales this week. We also have three (3) new writers joining us, and I have to say that at some point while reading through the tales, I started to wonder how it is that such awesome scribes gravitate toward this community. I'm not complaining; this is a marvellous wonder to me. So much so that I had to use an archaic spelling to convey my wonder at this marvel(l). First, I'd like to welcome new writing Niners caseyjonescaseyjones, Daellus, and procrastinationathon. Follow them at your leisure; they are well-spoken gentlepersons. Next, let's get on to the tales. This is pretty exciting!

Let's begin with caseyjonescaseyjones, who shared two (2!) delightful stories with us this week. The first is "Following in Fourfold Footsteps". Molly Phillips is standing on the beach, awaiting her new nanny. She's confused as to why she should expect her nanny in such a place, and you might be too but don't worry. The rest of the tale is a whirlwind of whimsy and really probably deserves to be illustrated richly or animated or something. I cried about octopoids and cjcj brought them, with panache. I shall never forget Mme. Fentergaster, who is as alive and thrilling to me as she would have been if I were a child. I love this! The second story is a follow-up, known as "Strictly No Elephants". Gwendolyn and her diminutive friend Cotswald arrive at Crunchmore's Peanuts so that Cotswald can attend a job interview. Their welcome, however, is somewhat less than...welcoming, and the two, who might be considered quite small, must contend with a very big problem. This story is just as whimsical, and a wonderful follow-up to the first story. I recommend them both, in the listed order (natch!). As a bonus, Mr. Jones Mr. Jones has embedded mp3s at the bottom of his story pages, which contain the story as read (presumably by him!) aloud. What a soothing voice he has. (Ten-point bonus to whoever gets that reference.)

New Thursdaylien Daellus bursts onto the scene with "Incarnations of the Wolf: Prologue: Endings". Daellus is a strong supporter of using colons, and I like that in a person. The story opens with a woman in the throes of pain. We know she has been in this moment many times before and that she wants 2 things very badly: to escape the loop of time in which she is trapped, and to free her children from the same suffering. From there, the story spreads into an ambitious and auspicious opening, touching on the idea of multiple universes and the ability to change what always is or has always been. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this story. This prologue suggests Real Good Stuff to come.

Our pal Pitchblende pokes us in our tummies with funny words and teases our imaginations with "Mud/Toes Conjunction". The first thing we learn is that nobody respects a galaflarge, and that perhaps Runstable is one of these galaflargen (galaflarges?). A gallows is going up on a distant hill and Runstable knows, and perhaps once cared for the condemned. Runstable and the narrator share a few moments of conversation, and while I feel quite in the dark about events surrounding the story, the events of the story itself perhaps crystallize the galaflargian disrespect that permeates the setting. I like it, and I like the tickly feeling I get in my brain as it fills in the details of this same-but-different story world. It's like brain soda pop!

Our final story this week, by procrastinationathon, is a neat tale called "The Lookout". Marten and the stick man (I don't think he's made of sticks but it would be cool if he was!) are in the woods on an adventure. It doesn't say they're on an adventure but trust me, I've read a lot of adventure stories and when you're lost in the woods with a guy called the stick man and you're fixing to climb a tree, that's an adventure. This tale feels like the beginning of something bigger, and I hope it is. Until next Thursday, I'll be keeping my eyes to the east, eagerly awaiting a sighting of what's next. I'd tell you more but then I'd just give everything away and come on, you totes know me better than that, guys!


To the new writers, welcome, and thanks so much for sharing your stories with us. I really love reading short stories, and even more so I love reading the shorts from this community, because there's such a grand variety to encounter. I'm glad you joined us and I hope you will continue to join us!

As always, if you have enjoyed a tale, don't hesitate to leave feedback for the writer. It's crucial for growth as a writer, and it's like a hug when someone says "I read your work, and this is what I think." I'll see you Thursday!

*Note: I'm changing the schedule of the Odeck crosspost to Monday, because it used to be on Mondays in the old days, and perhaps earlier in the week/earlier in the day will get some more eyes on all these incredibly worthy writers.


**Double Note: All you writers, please leave a comment with a link to your writing space. I'm resurrecting the Searchable Nineosphere, and adding a directory of writer sites so that people can hie themselves thither to your webspace for more of your delicious, delicious writing.

***Final Note (I promise!): The Searchable Nineosphere is a database of Thursday Tales in a format searchable by title, author, what-have-you. It was lost when my old website died an inglorious death, but I'm bringing it back! With the old stories as well!