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The Hypocrisy Of Internet Spoilers

Civil War has been released in most of the world except for US and China and something has been bothering about it. When a popular film or TV shows are released in US first, the Internet is abound with spoilers. But when something popular is released worldwide first, it’s suddenly, “No spoilers!” and that is not right.

Now of course, not all Americans spoil films and TV shows for the rest of the world. Most people here and on other site like the Mary Sue don’t and in fact, are very kind and give out spoiler warnings, something I thank you greatly for.


Sadly, that is not universal and there are a fair few Americans who feel they can spoil things without any care for people who are unable to see the works legally yet.

Creed and Zootopia for recent examples were both released in America way ahead of their worldwide releases and of course, spoilers were abound mere days after, making it nearly impossible not to be spoiled. No spoiler warnings for us, we were told to just deal with it.

And then you have TV shows which are the worst for this. When shows like Supergirl, the Walking Dead, Legends of Tomorrow, Flash etc air in the US, the entire internet is flooded with spoilers and discussions on sites like Facebook, twitter and the like. No spoiler tags and no care about the rest of the world who have to wait for a few days later to watch it legally.


Hell, Keanu as of this writing doesn’t even have a confirmed release date for most of the world and yet there is a fair few Americans spoiling it on the internet for all to see.


But yet, when a film like Captain America: Civil War gets released a week early in some countries other than America. It suddenly becomes, “NO SPOILERS!”, “You don’t get to talk about this!”, “Americans should get this first”.

Like how is that fair? How is it when we get something first, we are expected to keep our mouths shut and not say anything? How is that Americans are allowed to spoil things, but yet the rest of the world isn’t?


I’m not saying internationals should have the right spoil things for Americans. Personally, I feel no one should spoil stuff and we should all use spoiler tags until everyone has had time to see the work.

However, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t expect people to be courteous for you if you aren’t willingly to show that courtesy back. To put it simply, be kind and remember to add spoilers tag.

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