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The Illuminati Music Awards

While all the attention from last night's American Music Awards has been focused on whether Katy Perry is a racist and where Miley Cyrus buys her cat head outfits, there is one thing the main stream media is too afraid to report on.


Rihanna performed her song "Diamonds" last night and used the performance as an opportunity to throw vague Illuminati hand signals at the unsuspecting audience!

Here is the first one, "the '666′ hand gesture, formed by the thumb and three upper portions of the sixes with the fingers."

Do you see it? Me, neither. Looks like an OKAY sign or just a random hand placement.


Here's the next one, "the Roc, which is really just an occult symbol of the pyramid, or the upright triangle, which has occult meanings in male power".


Yup, there it is. Or it could be that she is making a diamond, which is coincidentally the name of the song she is singing. Or maybe she's a big fan of Diamond Dallas Page. Who knows. The use of Illuminati symbolism, according to Illuminati Watcher, is typical for the Barbadian singer, who claims:

"I've got a ton of crap on Rihanna all over this website, feel free to look around my search for keyword Rihanna. Most importantly (to me at least) you can check out my Rihanna occult origins in Chapter 5-Worship of Serpents, Dragons, Shape Shifting Reptiles and Transhumanism of my book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture"


The book is available on Amazon if you are interested in learning more about Serpents, Dragons, Shape Shifting Reptiles and Transhumanism or if you got someone you dislike for an office Secret Santa.

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