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The Last Man On Earth

Spoiler Warning for anyone who hasn't watched the show yet, it's on Hulu so if you can put up with the same annoying ads every five-ten minutes then I would suggest you go take a look. It's worth watching. You've watched it? Ok let's continue.


With the last few episodes of The Last Man On Earth we have learnt that Phil isn't the last person on Earth. He's not the last man either (unless this is a dream, please don't let it be a dream), which kind of takes away from the shows premise, but it's allowed it to grow quite a bit.

That's the thing about this show which makes it so great, just when you start to think the ideas running a bit thin they will throw in something new. A show about just one guy smashing stuff? Cool for one episode but maybe not an entire season, so they introduce Carol. She turns out to be incredibly annoying and you wonder if this is the show for you anymore and then they throw in Melissa. You kind of get sick of Phil acting like a fool trying to impress Melissa and Todd pops up. You start to get frustrated with Phil obsessing over Melissa and Todd and they introduce a cow. At the moment the formula seems to be one episode to get used to a new idea, one episode to get sick of it with a twist at the end and then repeat, with some painfully awkward/funny moments in between all of that.

I've found this show reminds me of Curb Your Enthusiasm quite a bit just in the way Phil's actions often make me want to scream at the screen as he puts himself in one after another of the most painful social situations he can possibly find himself in. I remember watching the last few seasons of Curb and I struggled to get through them as I couldn't believe what Larry would say and do just because he felt he was right. Phil comes off the same way, though tends to redeem himself by the end of the episode enough to make me come back again.

So where can this go? According to Wikipedia there are currently plans for thirteen episodes, but what can they throw at us next? More new characters? Flash back episodes to explain what is going on (seriously why are there only four people left in America?). I have no ideas where this will go and whether or not there could be a second season, but I'm excited to see how far they can take this as at least for now it's keeping me entertained.


Is everyone else enjoying it too or did you turn off before one of the plot twists?

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