I'm not a regular console/PC gamer, though I do enjoy my fair share of casual games. I have a little experience, though:

-Those games you'll find on SCUMMVM

-Dragon Age, finished (and I have DA2 also)

-KOTOR, which I am kind of playing through but I hate those little "shoot the bad guys" things in between traveling planets. I'm on a LAPTOP, ffs, and even with a mouse, I'm bad at that. Real bad. I have KOTOR2 also, but haven't played it yet.

My Steam account is full of games I have discovered won't play on my laptop (L.A. Noire, I'm looking at you) and I've got some indies, as well as being a regular Humble Bundle junkie. I *read* about a lot of games and I like LPs and whatnot. As far as console games I've played a few in my day but none of the mostest popular ones. I don't usually play "big games" and I get the worst kind of motion sickness from FPS games but I'm kinda thinkin' this game here has some stuff I'd be into.

It's all beautiful-lookin' and I like that Balanced AI thing. The plot seems pretty interesting, and I'm a sucker for plot, so...anyone here planning on playing this? Got anything else you can recommend for the FPS-restricted and story-loving? I have a PS2 and a uh, Dreamcast, and Wii, and DS. And PC games are always awesome, also.