Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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This week's episode of The Last Ship felt a lot like an episode of Star Trek when I was watching. Spoilers ahead.

Captain's Log

For no good reason I'm going with the shore party and taking my XO with me. The chief engineer will be in command of the Nathan James in our absence. Even though Lieutenant Commander Garnett just got out of sickbay and isn't an experienced surface warfare officer like me and the XO I'm sure she'll do just fine if the Russians or any other unfriendlies find the Nathan James while we're gone. As for us, what could possibly go wrong on our little monkey hunt?


In true Kirk fashion Chandler leaves the ship along with his second in command. I don't think either of them needed to go but I can accept one senior officer or the other going. But not both. One lesson that should have been learned at Gitmo was how suddenly threats can appear both on land and at sea.

Chandler had to make some moral choices. After the team secured their monkeys (go ahead and giggle, I'll wait) the Master Chief pointed out that going back to deal with El Toro could end up with them failing to return with the monkeys if things go pear shaped. Given the stakes (a cure for the virus vs aiding a few villagers) I have to side with the Master Chief (but I'm also a retired non-commissioned officer so of course I would side with him). Chandler makes his call and delivers the heroic line of the episode, "We came to hunt."


I get the point they were going for - maintaining their humanity and their ideals. And given the blatant jingoism of the show of course they were going to do the heroic thing. Things were tempered a little with the boat passing by the infected people that they couldn't do anything for.

But it was another episode that showed why I sometimes call this The Last Cliche.

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