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The Late Night Open Thread

Good night people of the Deck of Observation, welcome to the late night open thread. Talk about anything you want while drinking a nice cup of hot coco and a packet of marsh mallows you just found at the back of your food cupboard.

Nothing much on this side though one thing. I’ve said previously that my brother is researching Ancient Greek history. Well he just told me something rather amazing. You remember this scene from 300:

Turns out, that actually happened, except it was Cleomenes I, his predecessor and half brother during the war against Athens. Leonidas also married Cleomenes daughter Gorgo who is Lena Headey character in the film because no matter when in History, royal families were always into creepy romances.


However Leonidas did say something equally as awesome. In real life, when the Persian messenger came to Sparta, he brought with him this message, “If we beat you, we will not spare your children, we will destroy your civilization and we will kill everybody. We will spare no-one.”

Leonidas gave the messenger a one word reply to give to the Persian King-God, “If.”

Question of the day: Are you a night or day person? I myself am a night person.

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