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The Lazy Sunday Open Thread

So it’s pretty slow around here this Sunday. I don’t blame you all with your Fallout 4 and your Jessica Jones and your Sunday Night Football. Okay, maybe not really that last one. So let’s hear how you’re spending your Sunday in the Open Thread!

Aderyn is in recovery mode after last night’s roller derby bout. I got to be the jammer in an actual bout for the first time, so that was a great experience. However, today I’m exhausted and dehydrated. I’m chugging Gatorade and playing AC: Rogue and procrastinating doing all the homework I have due at midnight tonight or tomorrow.


Also, does anyone want to divvy up the threads for Jessica Jones? I am working on a write up for the first four but if others want to do the ones for 5-8, 9-12, and then the finale on our personal blogs and then we can link them in a Mega-Thread posted to O-Deck that might be the best way to do it. Also if anyone wants to do one on a specific theme within the series that could be linked in the Mega-Thread as well.

I just want people who are at different spots binge watching to be able to discuss the series so far without worry about spoilers that might come up in a Mega-Thread that isn’t broken down. That way everyone doesn’t have to wait until they’re done with the series to feel like they can discuss it. Also, it’ll keep the main O-deck page from being flooded with Jessica Jones for those that aren’t that interested or can’t watch it yet for various reasons. Ideas?

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