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The Legend of Korra is going digital.

So, Korra's been having a strange day. This morning Nick quietly announced that The Legend of Korra would be going off the air after airing one episode (as opposed to two the past couple of weeks) this Friday.

Cue panicking from the fanbase that this meant the show was being cancelled... Until a couple of hours ago when Bryan Konietzko posted to his Tumblr the above picture, as well as a status update on Michael Dante DiMartino's Facebook fan page which I'll post a screenshot of here.


"Hang tight, Korra fans. There is 1 new episode this Friday at 8, then the rest of the season will be available from various sites online. We'll let you know when we have more details. Thanks!"

So yeah. Korra's going online-only (apparently to multiple sites). Exciting! Nickelodeon's handling of the show has been appalling this season, and I imagine there's some tension going on with the creators right now, but I'm seeing this as good news. We'll see more at the Korra panel on Friday.

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