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The Librarians And The Quill Of Retooling

The second season of The Librarians kicked off this week and besides introducing the new Big Bad(s) for the season the premiere showed some changes in the main characters. Spoilers ahead.

The first and biggest thing I noticed is that Flynn Carsen is a lot less manic. He’s still manic but as over the top as he was last season. That’s a much needed improvement. He still doesn’t have any real chemistry with Eve and that’s still the weakest part of the show.


Ezekiel looks like he’s shifted over into being the gadget guy as well as the rogue with his smartphone always within reach. So far he’s also less annoying than last season.

The rest of the main characters were generally settled down in their roles as well which raises a few concerns. Will Jenkins go back to his old superior attitude? Isn’t Cassandra still slowly dying from her brain tumor or did I forget something? Nothing about it was mentioned.

Prospero and Moriarty should be good adversaries and they add to the Warehouse 13 vibe of the show. Moriarty doesn’t like being on a lease and as a criminal mastermind he’s surely plotting how to get out from under Prospero’s control.

So what do you think of the new season so far?

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