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Sorry but that headline practically wrote itself. This week’s episode of The Librarians has the three junior Librarians working together again in the field. But they need to work out some issues between them and one has to work out some daddy issues. Spoilers ahead.

The News Clipping of the Week this time is about a shape shifting trickster who feeds off lies. Stone is hampered in figuring out what’s going on by his father, whose lies helped unearth the shape shifter, and Stone’s lies to his father about what he does. In the end Stone’s father is still a jerk but the trickster is safely locked up underground.


But we get a better feel for the characters this season than from last week.

With Flynn gone Eve is back to running the junior Librarians. She asserts her control right away sends them off to work together while she stays at the library with Jenkins looking into the oddities going on there.

This episode is Stone-centric so we see him admit his issues. While his father doesn’t find out about Stone’s life, Stone realizes he doesn’t need his father’s approval to live that life. In the end he’s willing to publish papers under his own name instead of the one of the various aliases he’s been using.

Cassandra has come to terms with her tumor but I won’t be surprised if someone tries to tempt her with a cure (again). Was anyone else paying attention to what she was saying while telling truths to keep the door open? She has a bit of a dark streak under that sunny disposition (which we caught a glimpse of last season). How long until the Dark Cassandra episode?


Ezekiel is a weak link. I get that he was recruited for his “acquiring” skills but he’s an odd fit. He has no intellectual curiosity like the others. He’s better than last season but “Annoying Millennial” isn’t a great character trait.

Fortunately Jenkins is back to his curmudgeonly ways so that helps balance Ezekiel.


That’s my take. What did you think?

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