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On this week’s episode of The Librarians the team heads to college (but sadly without Rodney Dangerfield). While this episode is more about Cassandra we also see why you don’t want to be stuck in a car on a long road trip with Ezekiel and Stone. Spoilers ahead.

This time the full team is in the field with Eve being the Guardian and team leader. They are investigating a small college whose founder Josiah Wexler must have studied the same architectural texts as Ivo Shandor. I must have gone to a dull university since 1 in 5 of the students and faculty didn’t disappear every year and there were no giant tentacle sightings.


The latest problem at the school involves a student named Lucy who has built a magical particle accelerator that opens a rift to a tentacled monster (yes, Lovecraft is namechecked). After Lucy is tentacled into the rift Cassandra is determined to save her over Eve’s objections. Lucy is rescued and the rift is closed but something interesting happens to Cassandra along the way.

She meets some ladies of the Lake (yeah, not very subtle) who are interested in both science and magic. The Ladies of the Lake want her to join their technomage book club. Cassandra turns down the offer but she was tempted. I’m pretty sure the Ladies will be back at some point. Of course Jenkins knew about the Ladies and since he’s Galahad there’s some history between them.

A big theme of this episode was responsibility and dealing with consequences. Cassandra has taken responsibility for her life and has grown from the woman she was last season. By opening the rift to save Lucy, Cassandra is trying to do “what’s right” as opposed to “what’s best.” Since the Librarians released magic back into the world they have a responsibility to deal with that magic. Jenkins is firmly in the Warehouse 13 camp wanting to box up magic in the Library where it will be safe while Eve and Cassandra don’t think that’s the best answer. The Ladies of the Lake apparently represent an alternative that Jenkins doesn’t like.


Assorted thoughts:

  • Stumpy the Gargoyle. Don’t blink!
  • Ezekiel and Stone have a great buddy cop moment driving around campus in a golf cart. As a commenter pointed out last week they will never be friends. But being teamed up makes for great comedy.
  • Stone and Cassandra have had their character stories. Now we need Eve, Ezekiel and maybe Jenkins to have theirs. (Flynn already has three movies so he doesn’t really need more story time.)

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