Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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The Living and the Dead on BBC America This Thursday

A heads up in case anyone else was interested. Just now I was double-checking that I had Dirk Gently set to record when I came across the listing for the BBC America showing of the supernatural thriller The Living and the Dead. According to the onscreen schedule they are showing the entire series in one go starting tomorrow (Thursday) night at 9 PM EST and running through 4:30 AM.


Not a recommendation, as I know really nothing about the series other than what I have seen in the trailer, though I have been looking forward to seeing it since I first heard about it. I am surprised they are burning it off all at once, rather than pairing it off with say Gently (or did I miss it and they have already shown the series once?).

Also, completely unrelated (well, it is ghost related), I just stumbled across a movie called The Judas Ghost while updating my Amazon movie playlist. If you are a fan of Simon Green’s “Ghost Finders” series it seems a couple of year’s back they made this movie which is sort of based on his books*. I have not seen it yet, no idea how good or not it is, but just wanted to mention it if anyone was interested.

*From what little I have read about the movie - and I may be completely wrong because I am not familiar with that series (I have only read the first couple of his “Nightside” books) - it seems it is more of a sidestory that involves new created for the screen characters, though still agents of his Carnacki Institute, investigating a haunting in a school.

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