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Book Two: Dragon Hunt

Magnor, Osbourne, and Cronan are at an office building in Seattle’s waterfront arguing about the disruption to their operation. An annoyance may very well ruin the first shipment. Since the Iran Arms Fiasco lights are shining too bright on certain doings.


The facts: In the early 1980s, crack cocaine exploded on the streets of South Central Los Angeles. Well aware of the situation, the CIA turned a blind eye since the money made was funding the Contras in Nicaragua. This part of The Longbow Hunters is loosely based on those events.

In flashbacks, we see Shado as a girl being trained in the art of archery.

Spend a lifetime shooting one arrow. Make that one perfect shot an expression of all that you are.”

Osbourne, who is in the CIA warns Magnor to take care of the Snooper. They are referring to Shado, and also, someone else. Magnor and Cronan decide to deal with the problem by handing over the job to Jankowski. They both cringe at the thought, but it has to be. Cronan walks out of Magnor’s office to his his car to meet his fate,


Green Arrow pays a visit to Lt. Cameron to discuss both the Seattle Slasher and The Robin Hood Killer. GA explains how the RHK is taking out certain men but Cameron makes the point of why someone killed The Seattle Slasher and what seems like a random victim. The innocent bystander is in fact one of Shado’s targets, part of the group of men involved in the drug trade. Lt. Cameron wants GA not to get involved to which GA responds that he is way over his head.

At home, in their small business shop Sherwood Florist, Ollie expects to be welcomed by Dinah (aka Black Canary), instead he is met by a note. Dinah has befriended a drug dealer with ties to Osbourne and company. She will be going undercover. Its something she has to do on her own. Ollie is left to celebrate his 40th birthday alone. The next day, he follows Dinah who is with the dealer, he backs off in respect of her wishes to do this alone.


Ollie then goes to the murder scene where one Cronan was killed with an arrow through his chest and there Ollie waits. His instincts correct he spots someone in his periphery and follows. On a rooftop, he confronts Shado. He knows she is there to kill another and will not allow it. He warns her to put down her bow and arrow. She challenges his will to do what must be done.


Instead of firing his arrow Ollie charges at Shado.


A personal note: I really liked this fight scene for one reason: Shado is a smaller person than Green Arrow and she might have bee able to take him in a fist fight, but there’s something to be said about brute strength. It really is not an easy task to bring down someone bigger and stronger than you.

Shado is an assassin. Trained solely to kill without hesitation.

Ollie goes home to sulk. Feeling dejected at the fact that someone smaller than him easily took him out, when on the radio, he hears a report of a drug dealer named Ignatius Brown’s body found mutilated. The thought jumps into Ollie that this is the same dealer Dinah had made friends with. And if he has been killed, what has happened to her?


Ollie takes to the streets to strong arm anyone who could have information on Ignatius Brown. After roughing up a bartender at a local dive, GA finds out where he might be able to find Brown’s drug connection.

He heads to the waterfront and through the window of a warehouse GA finds Dinah. She has been taken prisoner and left at the hands of Jankowski. GA is in shock and cannot quite make the decision to take another’s life, even in order to save his loved one’s life. Shado has been trailing him and now does what he cannot.


Supervillians capture and boast and leave the superhero to die in a trap set for him, but human criminals deal in absolutes: Kill or be killed. And some go further down the depravity in the taking of human life. In this issue both Dinah and Ollie are confronted with the realization that to fight crime at this level, one must be a killer first. Shado has known this truth her whole life.


Shado is not done. In part 3 the truth about why she is killing these men is revealed. And how does the Green Arrow fit into this plot of revenge?

To be continued...

Related Info:

This issue contains graphic violence/imagery.

The top image is a digital version of the cover to GA: TLH #2. All other images are shot by me.

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