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So, good news: I got promoted on Monday. Bad news: I am so, SO close to just quitting. I know it's off topic, I just need to vent a little.

So, to start. I am currently the youngest person working at my company. I am surrounded by people who have not only been there much longer than I have, but are much more skilled and can actually talk to people and not sound like an incompetent moron.

And yet, when my team lead left last week, for some reason he recommended me to replace him. And for some reason the higher ups agreed. This has created a few problems.


Everybody in the office hates me now. Almost all of them have been working there longer than I have and are much older. I've never exactly gone out of my way to make friends before, but I was liked well enough before this. Now all I get is the stink eye and people making fun of me behind my back.

My team, people who have never been anything but nice to me before, now think I cheated them out of their chance to move up. They refuse to listen to me, and sometimes don't even do their work. And of course as their lead it falls on me to make sure it gets done or else I'm the one who's in trouble. Like tonight I had to stay 3 hours late because everyone else decided today seemed like a good day to leave early.

My own workload has practically quadrupled. I honestly have no clue how my former lead found enough hours in the day.

I now have to listen to clients who have no clue how anything is done try to tell me how to do my job and how "simple" it all should be. A COMPUTER IS NOT MAGIC YOU FREAKING MORONS! and of course they just refuse to leave anything alone, asking me all kinds of dumbass questions. and of course the answers I give them are never good enough for them.


I don't think I've ever been so stressed in my entire life. I can't keep going like this. I tried telling my boss, hoping to get her to change it, but she just waved me away saying "You'll get used to it".

I just don't know what to do.

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