or - The Road Warrior - There and Back again. I would say mild Spoilers, but...... You can’t spoil a movie whose plot is basically driving away from the crazy and then driving towards the crazy....

They crashed his car! I can only assume the series is over now.... How can there be a Mad Max film whiteout the car??

This is exactly the movie the trailer’s promise. Practically non-stop desert chase with the craziest characters anyone could possibly imagine. They got their own Greek choir in the shape of a mutant guitarist with a fire breathing guitar...

I can only imagine the fact this was boiling in the creator’s head for so long while making movies about talking pigs - kinda shows. This is everything the series is on speed, all the crazy, all the octane. Max guilt flashbacks. We get dropped into this world - everyone of course assumes, we’ve seen the movies - I can hardly imagine what someone who never saw anything Mad Max related has to - struggle with to get along. And get confronted with another weird cultic society.


If you liked films 2 and 3 but thought these have a little too much plot and could use a lot more mad car chases, this sure is for you. It’s what sequels are made to be - bigger, harder, faster than everything that has come before it. And if you know MadMax you know what it has to surpass.

Tom Hardy is OK - Frankly , the way they emphasized the mad=crazy part of his character as opposed the mad=angry one, this looks like a young Mel Gibson... ;)


It’s wild. Confusing. Crazy. But that’s what one would expect from Mad Max 4, so


Sidenote - I never really got the change of the world between 1 and 2... going from a world slightly out of order to full blown postapocalypse... I guess the makers chose to ignore that now, too. With Theron’s Imperator Furiosa being born and raised in an only slightly less broken world than it is at the time of Fury Road, I find it hard to believe there was enough civilization left for Max to ever have lived in a society ordered enough to be a police officer.