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Welp, we’ve got a musical episode tonight, it’s either going to be good or garbage, no middle ground. Welcome to the Magicians season 3 episode 9 “All That Josh” spoilerific reaction thread, where you can react to the show as it’s playing out or after it’s done.

If you have any reviews of the show you want to share, throw a link to them down in the comments and I’ll throw them up here.

  • Blue Beard’s Weekly Thoughts:
  • The AV Club decided to chime in this week with:

Spell of the Night: Benemoodus Populus from The Sims 2: Apartment Life

Increase motives of all Sims in a certain area.

Note: This is the only known spell to affect babies and toddlers.

“With a dash of sugar and spice. Make this lot happy and nice! Remove the negative state of affairs. Make everyone here forget their cares!” -From The Sims Wiki


Beware those Spells because those Spells can Spell spoilers!!!!

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