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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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The Magicians "Fillory and Further" Reaction Thread

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April Fools, we’re at the end. Welcome to the Magicians season 5 episode 13 “Fillory and Further” spoilerific reaction thread, where you can react to the show as it’s playing out or after it’s done.


If you have any reviews of the show you want to share, throw a link to them down in the comments and I’ll throw them up here.

And now a Goodbye: So this is the end, it’s been a long journey with many ups and downs. This show took a while to find it’s feet, especially during the grimdark edgelord years that was Season 1. But once this show got good it was really good. I’m kind of glad that it’s ending now dragging on past the point where we couldn’t stand it anymore. End on a high note!


I’ll definitely miss this show and these threads as we’re approaching an end of an era, one that’ll over once Agents of Shield wraps up in the Summer. Yeah stuff like The Expanse & Lucifer is still around but binge shows are a bit different from weekly shows. And who knows, maybe Motherland: Fort Salem & Vagrant Queen will be worth continued viewing. Maybe something new will come over the horizon. But for now for this show, this is goodbye.

Beware those Spells because those Spells can Spell spoilers!!!!

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