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The Magicians "Will You Play With Me?" Reaction Thread

April Fool’s, here the actual last thread of the season. Welcome to the Magicians season 3 episode 13 “Will You Play With Me?” spoilerific reaction thread, where you can react to the show as it’s playing out or after it’s done.

If you have any reviews of the show you want to share, throw a link to them down in the comments and I’ll throw them up here.

  • The AV Club came back one more time for a final review:
  • io9 has also weighed in:
  • And Finally Bluebeard’s finale thoughts:

Spell of the Night: Grim Scythe from Diablo 3

Grim Scythe summons a huge spectral scythe in a wide arc (roughly 160 degrees), dealing damage in front of the Necromancer and restoring Essence for each damaged enemy. -From the Diablo Wiki


Beware those Spells because those Spells can Spell spoilers!!!!

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