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Or maybe Rick Castle. Peter Wyngarde whose stand out role was the lugubrious dandy author Jason King from Department S has died in London, aged 90.

In many respects, he lived the part and is said to have inspired Austin Powers, certainly it is a weird pastiche of his on-screen persona that seduces Jean Grey in the X-Men’s Dark Phoenix saga. In a pre-DeLorean world he bought the car with the flip wing doors from UFO to drive as his own.


His stage career started in a 1946 Noel Coward production and he ventured into television during the Fifties, working alongside Richard Burton. He also had movie appearances in Dick Barton Strikes Back and Alexander the Great. Wyngarde was a regular performer in ITC adventure series such as The Avengers, The Saint, Man in a Suitcase, The Champions, The Baron, and as Number 2 in The Prisoner. He also appeared Stateside in I Spy.

Stepping into the shoes of Jason King for Department S in 1969 made Wyngarde a household name in the UK and Europe. He followed through with a solo series about the author.

He went on to perform in a revival of The King and I, played Klytus in Flash Gordon, and also appeared in Doctor Who:The Planet of Fire (Peter Davison’s penultimate outing as the Time Lord).


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