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Marvel Creative Committee is dead, long live Marvel Studios?

Something big just happened at Marvel Studios: Feige no longer has to answer to Isaac Perlmutter or any creative committee. I admit, while I don’t like Ike, it’s hard to tell what unpopular decisions are his and what one are Feige’s. Most of the blame for unpopular things, Wreight leaving or no black widow toys, from being laid at Perlmutter’s feet.

He doesn’t sound like he’s wonderful to work with:

Even as someone fanatically private—he reportedly wore glasses and a false mustache to disguise himself at the 2008 premiere of Iron Man—Perlmutter has managed to become legendary for his various eccentricities. Reported anecdotes of Perlmutter’s parsimony range from kind of cute (“Why do you need a new pencil? There’s 2 inches left on that one!”) to mildly embarrassing to the company (“Disney ran out of food at an Avengers media event because of Perlmutter’s constraints, causing reporters to pilfer from Universal’s nearby suite for The Five-Year Engagement”) to fairly insulting (Mickey Rourke was reportedly initially offered a mere $250,000 to appear in Iron Man 2.)


But it may not have been any of that. A Disney Rep says that

Marvel Studios is taking the next logical step in its integration with The Walt Disney Studios, joining Pixar and Lucasfilm in centralizing many of its film-related functions in Burbank, with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and co-president Louis D’Esposito continuing to lead the Marvel Studios team reporting to Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn

Only time will tell if working without the creative committee is a good or a bad thing. It might make things easier in the long run. Still, this is pretty big news for Marvel Studios.

(Picture choice does not reflect my opinion on this. I just thought that Captain looked nice.)

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