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The MCU in the Wake of the Winter Soldier SPOILERS FOR ALL THINGS MARVEL

We have posts talking about what is going to happen on Agents of Shield in the wake of Cap 2 The winter Soldier, here and here. What I want to talk about is what the hell kind of shape is the whole MCU is left in and who was missing from TWS. FINAL SPOILER WARNING.


In the Winter Soldier, SHIELD is destroyed, but Hydra cells are still left around the world. We also know why Fury resurrected Coulson and gave him the bus, to have at least one group of SHIELD agents he knew he could trust working independent of the larger structure. My only nitpicky thoughts are, if Stark hacked SHIELD once, why wouldn't he do it again if he gave them specs for repulsor tech for the new helicarriers, and where the fuck was Hawkeye. We know that like the Black Widow, he has a close relationship to Fury, so does that mean he was off on some mission when all this went down?

Now if you paid close attention you saw that when the AI came on Stark tower was targeted which implies Stark has now moved out of Malibu and is based in NY. Question is does he still have any armors left, or will he only rebuild one until Age of Ultron. Speaking of Ultron, they dropped a ton of hints that the murderous AI was coming. Zola essentially created the first AI, I assume first because it predates Jarvis, by making his mind one and the program that would run project Insight.

Also Stephen Strange got name dropped by Sitwell (who I guessed to be bad after this weeks AoS) saying he could pose a threat to Hydra. This means he has to have some power potential already, because I don't see how a neurosurgeon could pose a threat to them.

The other thing that is super interesting is the introduction of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Thor 2 essentially set up GoTG, this set up Age of Ultron. The scene heavily implies that the scepter gave these two their "miracles", where other subjects have died in the procedure. And we know the scepter was a gift from Thanos, so its still possible that the Twins are Inhumans and Marvel is being coy about it. But its also possible that the scepter has an infinity gem. We know the gems in the MCU don't take the form of gems, as the space gem is a cube and the power gem is swirls of red mist. Although the scepter was stated to run from the same energy as the tesseract, that can still mean its an infinity gem since they are all related.


I originally thought that it was the mind gem since Loki used it to control minds, but it could also the be the reality gem, which grants the users wishes.

So far these are the only thoughts I have on the implications of Winter Soldier. What do you guys think is going on?

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