The multi-cam sitcom The Millers has been hemorrhaging viewership since losing its The Big Bang Theory lead-in on Thursdays and switching to Mondays with 2 Broke Girls, to the point where production has been suspended. And even the show itself knows it. Tonight's The Millers features Will Arnet's character confronting a middle school acquaintance who claims he's been backstabbed and has since grown into the Millers-verse George R.R. Martin parody. The episode features the typical "nerdom though the Hollywood lens" tropes of a mass-market sitcom, including a surprisingly nicely done send-up of Game of Thrones where the viewer is introduced to the history of the two characters in the appropriate genre fashion.

As a bit tiresome as some of the "nerds still live with their mom," "nerds have difficulty communicating with women (despite some of them actually being women)" jokes may be, tonight's The Millers was an interesting homage to its former TBBT lead-in, showing a perhaps odd appreciation for the "nerdy" fans who stuck around after to keep the then-freshman show off to a strong start. The real kicker though, was a slight breaking the fourth wall gag at the end where the cast assures themselves that TBBT's audience, "the smartest in the world," would stick around to view The Millers at its new timeslot.

Smartest or not, their pleas fell on deaf ears, and now The Millers will be replaced by Mike and Molly.

Topshot from The Huffington Post