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The Mist T.V. Series Has Been Cancelled

Well, here’s something that was expected. Spike TV has cancelled The Mist after its first season. Poor ratings out of the starting gate never improved on this different take of the Stephen King novella by the same name which was adapted to film prior to this series.

In truth, the movie told the story well and there was not a need for a tv series which made a feeble attempt at siphoning off The Walking Dead’s human dilemma.


The story veered too far from the source material in a way that drove the whole thing toward boredom and bad characters with uneven motivations and action.

I wanted to like this show but I didn’t finish watching it for these very reasons.

On top of all this, there’s the fact that Spike TV will become the Paramount Network in early January. From Deadline:

The Mist, which marked Spike’s first original scripted series, was leftover from the old regime and programming strategy at the network, which will be rebranded as Paramount Network in January.


So, there you have it. A bad show has been killed off. Again. Because... that’s entertainment! C’mon everybody! Sing it with me!

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