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Continuing the long list of departures from the BBC’s flagship science-fiction show it appears that Michelle Gomez, the actress portraying the female version of the Master “Missy”, will also be leaving.

From her comments in Digital Spy it appears that Gomez is the one who took the decision to quit, believing that her role is directly tied to both the current showrunner and Capaldi’s incarnation of the Doctor, but does also directly contradict comments made to our very own Charlie Jane only two years ago where she said she’d stay on the show as long as possible. Despite this however she doesn’t rule out a Simms style return down the line.


It’s no secret that Missy is widely regarded as one of the best characters of the last three series, providing a suitable foil to Capaldi’s rather terse and withdrawn Doctor. I myself found myself slowly drawn to her and saw her as one of the better parts of last series (despite a couple of Moffat moments) so it’s a shame she’s leaving so soon.

(Thanks to Cat Tarsus Sinus for the info)

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