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The Moon Landing, As Heard From Yankee Stadium

A writer at Baseball Prospectus looks at the first moon landing—45 years ago tomorrow—from a somewhat unique perspective: the thousands of people who first heard that "the Eagle had landed" while catching a game at the ballpark.

The 33,000-strong roaring ovation at Yankee Stadium, drowning out announcer Bob Shepard before he could even finish his sentence, stands out as a particularly sweet moment. It's fun to imagine the excitement and energy people must have felt, having casually gone about their routine as if it were a day like any other, only to suddenly learn that one of their own had just set foot boot on the moon.


You can read the entire piece at Baseball Prospectus.

Image is from The Free Lance-Star newspaper, July 21, 1969, and depict the Cubs and Phillies in a moment of silent prayer for the safe completion of the Apollo 11 mission.

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