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Have you ever seen more awesome catering at a comics-related event? This cupcake was too rad not to share. THE WOLF IS EDIBLE.

So, comics artist Becky Cloonan (one of my favorite artists in the biz right now) and writer Shaun Simon were at my local comics shop for a signing event. They were there to promote their just-released-in-trade The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, as well Cloonan's solo book By Chance or Providence (which I cannot recommend highly enough).


The caterer at the event made provided several cupcakes which stunningly re-created the art from By Chance or Providence. I couldn't snap the entire set, but I quickly shot the one I reluctantly devoured. EDIT: Looks like the caterer was a local company called Simply Deserts. Very well done.

I also took a photo with Becky (who was totally rad) and got a book signed, but you'll have to ask a lot harder for that pic.

Oh yeah, and this shop is five minutes from my house. #blessed #withcomicsandcupcakes

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