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...because it's A DALEK MR. POTATO HEAD! The Starch nemesis of The Doctor!

Yes, hot on the heels of Mash Smith, Playskool are continuing their Doctor Who line of Potato-people with a Potato-Dalek monstrosity. At about 7 inches tall, and setting you back £15/$25, it's... rather strange, really. It kind of looks like A Potato Davros in a not-particularly-well-thought-out Dalek disguise. Those eyes are really freaking me out.


Plus, really, if we're going to Potato-ify a Doctor Who baddie, surely the first choice would have to be a Sontaran!?

The Potato Head Dalek is due out next month. Please include any and all Potato related Dalek puns - terrible or otherwise - in the comments below.


[The Toy Ark]

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