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The name game...

Who has the coolest name in sci-fi, anime, fantasy or video games?

You're making a list now aren't you? ;)

Admittedly, there are titles that I've never dealt with, but have still discovered really cool character names that roll off the tongue effortlessly. Regardless of the character's likability and or importance, here are a few from me:


Atreyu, Neverending Story:

I've loved this name ever since I was a kid. Actually, most, if not all of the names in TNS are cool. There even used to be a band named Atreyu.

Revolver Ocelot, Metal Gear series

I have never played any of the Metal Gear games, but I have always wanted to do naked cartwheels in a military facility while holding my junk! I do know that he has two incarnations, young and old; regardless, Revolver Ocelot's name is just fun to say.


Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach

His name is Japanese for "strawberry," but in the English dub of the series, he claims it means something like "first protector." I like "strawberry" better. It flows nicely either as Ichigo Kurosaki or, as in the Japanese style, Kurosaki Ichigo.


I know I missed like a million of them, so tell me who I forgot and whose name you love hearing and saying.

No really. Stop what you are doing and TELL ME!!!

Pics help too!

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