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The NES that 9-year-old me wanted

This was up for auction on eBay last month. Sadly, no secret Santa was kind enough to get it for me.

I know modded Nintendo Entertainment Systems are a thing and all, but no matter how magical they were, none ever really caught the eye of my inner child until I saw this one.


Heck, it even has color-coded controllers (too bad they didn't mod it to have four control ports).

What freaks me out the most, although it probably shouldn't, is that bidding went from 99 cents to the winning bid of $1,612.10. Not a bad haul.


The creators claim on Facebook that the auction had a lot of trolls offering fake (or maybe overly optimistic) bids - hopefully they got paid.

By the way, consider this a notice to anyone who wants to start thinking about a birthday present for me several months from now...

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