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The New Avengers Go Patriotic and Become the U.S.Avengers

Marvel announced today via the Washington Post that for their post-Civil War II relaunch, the New Avengers were going to be relaunched as the U.S.Avengers. Still with the same writer, Al Ewing, but with a new artist, Paco Medina (Contest of Champions) and some new characters.

As you may or may not remember, the New Avengers has been about the formerly villainous A.I.M., Advanced Idea Mechanics, which was bought by Roberto “Sunspot” daCosta and rebranded as the Avengers Idea Mechanics. Well, it looks like it’s being rebranded again, this time as the American Idea Mechanics.

The first issue of U.S.Avengers will debut this fall from Marvel Comics, featuring a Da Costa-approved roster of Thunderbolt Ross the Red Hulk, Cannonball, an all-new Iron Patriot, a Captain America from the future (Danielle Cage, daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones), Pod and the unbeatable Squirrel Girl.


The new Iron Patriot is Toni Ho, daughter of Ho Yinsen, the man who inspired Tony Stark to become Iron Man:

While General Thunderbolt Ross as the Red Hulk has returned, this time sporting his iconic mustache:


In addition, old characters will stick around like Squirrel Girl and Pod.

No stranger to being non-American born and in charge of American superheroes, Ewing, who is British, says writing U.S.Avengers is a chance to explore what he’s learned in his time in America and incorporate his favorite things about the U.S. in his story.

“I’m interested in America, in exploring the reasons I like your country and love your citizens,” Ewing said. “I don’t think patriotism should be uncritical or unthinking — we’re seeing in Britain where that leads, and it’s horrible. I’m afraid for us. But that urge to love and care for the home you’ve made, whether you were born to it or chose it or fled to it, that’s worth something. People use it as a weapon, but it’s also an engine that drives great positive change in our communities.”


I think we all know what to say about that:


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