Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

The new Deadpool game drops tomorrow.

Chances are you either A). Don't care or B). Kind of hold out hope that it might not suck.

Well, here's the wet blanket for that little scenario.

1). This is the first trailer of the game that has shown ANY actual gameplay whatsoever outside of the early 'concept' trailer. That should set off alarm bells in any gamer head—it's one thing to have lots of cinematic based trailers but to show NO gameplay anywhere? That's called 'hiding something'.

2). High Moon studio, though it must be said produced at least two decent Transformers games (In fact, I kind of adored them as mindless summer fun), was canned immedietely after production by Activision. It may be evil empire at work here... or this game showed such little promise that Acti just plain jettisoned them.

3). It's being written by Daniel Way, which is like weaponized anti-funny. When people talk about comics-era Deadpool sucking, their evidence is almost unilaterally from one of Way's runs.


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