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The new digital-first Jessica Jones is a treat for fans of both the character and good mysteries

So back in November, I recommended that Kelly Thompson take over writing Jessica Jones when Bendis left. I not only turned out to be right, but Bendis himself asked that Thompson take over the book. Which I’m glad he did, because her first two issues (released on Wednesday as an oversized 40-page digital-first issue) are good, verging on great.


I suspect that Marvel was originally going to release these as two physical issues before realizing that Jessica Jones sold really well digitally and so packaged them together as a big, digital-first issue. I don’t really mind, but it does mean that the cliffhanger in the middle of the book is resolved nearly immediately.

In any case, Kelly Thompson and Mattia de Iulis’s first issue of Jessica Jones has a lot of good stuff in it. It begins with a flashforward to a captured Jessica, something teased by Bendis’s last issue:

And then we go back to where Jessica was right after her last book ended: in a relatively happy period, content to have fun with her husband and her daughter, even knowing that, well, bad things tend to find her.

And then a bad thing finds her: there’s a dead body in her office. For which she is immediately arrested by the cops.


I love a lot of the small details that Thompson and Iulis include. Thompson clearly remembers and cares for continuity — there are a few references to the time Maria Hill blew up Jessica’s office and her files are either entirely or almost entirely destroyed because of it. And, like Thompson’s Hawkeye, Jessica Jones now sees people with “PI-vision”:


The way that PI-vision manifests, however, is different: where Hawkeye’s PI-vision was little targets for arrows, Jessica’s are old polaroids, which makes an interesting visual flair. Especially when she does it to Misty Knight:


It turns out the dead body was an old client of Jessica’s that disappeared. I don’t want to spoil too much of the rest of the book, because there are moments of greatness (and a cameo by Kate Bishop, too!). The entire issue is good, but hasn’t quite made it to “great” yet — it’s too bogged down by exposition at the moment, setting up the mystery that needs to be solved — but I’m hopeful that the next issue will up the ante and it will be awesome.

By the way, Kelly Thompson must clearly love writing PIs, since she’s written Hawkeye, Jessica Jones, and Nancy Drew now. Also: if you haven’t read Thompson’s Nancy Drew, get on it and read it now! It’s outstanding.

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