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The Newsroom Open Thread (As Of S3E5)

I've been slacking on recaps, but stuff is HAPPENING on The Newsroom and I thought we could chat about it here, if anyone's watching. I can't believe there's only one episode left! (Spoilers through Oh Shenandoah [S3E5]!)

I feel like this season of The Newsroom is rushed, which is a shame, but they're covering some good ground. Random thoughts:

- Charlie, noooooo! RIP Charlie. Will Charlie's bow ties get their own memorial?

- Maggie and Jim: Well that was...anticlimactic. Jim's outfit was wonderful, though.


- I love Sloan. Sloan is a badass.

- I hate Pruit. Pruit is a jackass.

- I feel like I have to rewatch Will's conversations in jail now that I know who he was talking to.

- Oh, and even though it was last week...yay, wedding! It's about time those two crazy kids got together.

Somebody save ACN, and fast! It's turning into a monster. All thanks to Ryan from The Office. STOP trying to make Kelly Kapoor happy with celebrity news, Ryan! She's not worth it!


What will happen in the series finale? Is the News Night mission doomed to fail? Will Old Media finally bow to New Media? Or can Will Quixote finally knock over the giants that everyone thinks are just windmills?

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