This week's season finale of The Newsroom was the feel-good episode of the season. The News Night team has been dragged through the muck and we've seen everyone struggle with Genoa, with humiliation and depression, with loss and anger. But in the finale, Sorkin made love open the door to everyone's (including my) heart. Spoilers ahead!

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But I digress. (Please, leave gifs or images of your favorite moments from this episode in the comments if you made your monthly blood sacrifice to the Great and Magnificent Kinja and can post successfully.)]

Let's talk first about the main plot resolution of the episode: Genoa. Poor Reese takes his chance to walk the high road with Leona and the News Night team only to have Charlie pull the rug out from underneath his quixotic moment. But can we take a moment to appreciate Reese's arc throughout the season? He started off being kicked out of congressional meetings, as you might recall. It's nice to see him appreciating the News Night team and focusing more on the principle, and less on the bottom line. He decides to take a stand and refuse to let ACN be bullied by a low-level producer looking to take advantage of the position he himself put them in.


Because that's what we decided this episode - Genoa wasn't the result of institutional failure, it was caused by a rogue element. And the News Night mission is too important for them all to walk away, and it's too important for them all to be brought down by one asshole in an editing room. Dantana be damned - News Night lives on!

This empowerment flows through the studio, with positive effects for some of my favorite people. Will gets over his grudge or whatever he was holding out to keep Mack at a distance, and whips out that supposedly fake, supposedly returned engagement ring. His endearing, bumbling "Nope, I love you, I'm going to stick with that, will you marry me?" receives a "What the fuck is happening?" from Mack, followed soon after by a resounding "yes!" Hurrah! Mack and Will have finally decided to get over themselves and give it a real go.


Ok that's great and all but WHO CARES OMG SLOAN AND DON YAYYY!!! If your insides didn't leap at, first, Sloan seeing the "Sweet Smell of Success" poster and putting the pieces together, then walking into the control room and signing the book, then planting a brief but emphatic kiss on Don's pillowy lips, then smacking the book against his chest, then walking out smiling while he stares after her...or if you didn't laugh at his pleased, slightly smug recovery with, "What I have can't be taught," then...I'm inviting you to my next cookout so we can chill the beer with your COLD, ICY HEART.

The last big arc to resolve involves our Ginger with the Dragon Tattoo: Maggie. It took Hallie, who has only seen ginger Maggie on Skype, to point out that she did something to her hair herself. (But we've already established that Jim is hair-agnostic; nay, hair-negligent.) Fortunately, our resident Maggie-plot-facilitator Lisa is in the building to finally address the issue. Actually, I'm glad they did it this way; to have Maggie suddenly spilling her guts to, and reconciling with, Jim in that way after such animosity between them throughout the season would have rung untrue to me. Instead, Jim tries to bring Maggie and Lisa back together. Finally, Maggie will have someone she can talk to and hopefully she can come to terms with the Uganda incident. As Jim points out, Maggie did NOT die that day, and she should remember that.


What did you think? Were you satisfied with the resolution to the season? Do you want Sorkin to iron his clothes while wearing them, or did he open the door to your heart? Don't forget to include pictures or gifs of your favorite moments in the comments. (And thanks for reading all season!)