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The great thing about writing a “top ten” list on the internet is that commenters almost always point out another ten great options. So following up on yesterday, here’s ten more Marvel heroes/hero teams yet to be adapted to live action.

Just some criteria, because it wasn’t clear yesterday. These are all characters that have carried a series, whether solo or as the lead of a team. Unfortunately, that means that a few characters that would be awesome to see that will probably get left off. Sorry. Another disclaimer- yes, I left the Wasp off the list again. That’s because she’s going to show up in Ant-Man in some form. I’m holding out hope that Hope Van Dyne’s actually Jan, and her mother is NOT Janet at all.


10. Quasar

SHIELD agent Wendell Vaughn possesses the Quantum Bands, powerful weapons that entrust the bearer as the protector of the universe. Wendell is a fun character, and carried his own series for a significant chunk of time, as well as serving as a member of the Avengers. With his cosmic powers and responsibilities, he’d be a perfect fit for a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and the Infinity War duology. And a major disclaimer- I think he’s a character that needs to have some cosmetic changes. He’s yet another blond-haired white guy, which is the least important part of his character. I would love to see live-action Vaughn as an African American or Asian American actor.

Best medium for adaptation: Appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Avengers Infinity War, followed by own film.


9: Adam Warlock


There’s one reason Warlock is so low on the list- he’s a lock to appear in Infinity War. It’s simply a no-brainer. Warlock is Thanos’s opposite number, and is the cosmic force that ended up defeating Thanos. There’s also a lot of speculation that he’s the father of the MCU’s Peter Quill, given the hints already given. It just makes sense.

Best medium for adaptation: Member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and significant role in Infinity War.


8: Power Pack


I’m going to get a lot of complaints for this one, but the MCU is seriously lacking young child friendly properties. The Power Pack carried a series of significant length in the 80’s, and a series of mini series through the latter half of last decade. They’re genuinely fun characters- a quartet of siblings are given powers by an alien race in order to rescue their parents. Written correctly, it can include a lot of depth too.

Best medium for adaptation: Weekly TV series on Disney Channel or ABC Family.

7: Cloak & Dagger


This one has some close to happening a couple times. Two teenage runaways are kidnapped and experimented on. The experiments grant them incredible powers- Tandy Bowen was given the ability to blast criminals with daggers of light, while Tyrone Johnson was given access to the Darkforce, while allowed him to become intangible and teleport. They’ve been utility players for the last few years, with great potential as street level urban heroes.

Best medium for adaptation: Weekly TV series

6: Captain Britain


Some people that have never heard of Brian Braddock might think “great, a British Captain America clone” but that could be further from the truth. Captain Britain is a mystically empowered protector of the British Isles. He’s also a member of the Captain Britain Corps, a multi-versal group of heroes that protect the entire multiverse. Essentially it’s a superheroic mix of King Arthur (which even includes Merlin!) and Doctor Who. Rights issues may complicate a film adaptation (he’s the brother of X-Man Psylocke and led the X-Men spin-off team Excalibur), but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth exploring a TV or film franchise.

Best medium for adaptation: A US/BBC co-produced TV series.

5: Alpha Flight


As Canada’s greatest defenders, Alpha Flight protected the great white north from conspiracies, mystical monsters, and long-forgotten gods. The team might seem a little odd (including a acrobatic dwarf, a sasquatch, a Native shaman, twin half-elves, an alien mermaid, and a goddess), but they were a government sponsored family, and carried a long-running series throughout the eighties and nineties. They were both Canada’s X-Men AND Avengers, and they lived up to the comparison.

Best medium for adaptation: A US/Canada co-produced TV series.

4: X-23


With Hugh Jackman reportedly hanging up the claws, everyone is wondering what is FOX going to do next. Whether Hugh actually leaves the X-Men franchise after Wolverine 3 or not, the perfect successor already exists- his young clone/daughter, Laura Kinney. Laura was cloned from the DNA of Logan and a Weapon X scientist named Sarah Kinney. She was programmed as an assassin, but fought against the program and escaped. She later joined the X-Men and X-Force, and has been fighting for redemption ever since. You can’t tell me that’s not fodder for a film.

Best medium for adaptation: Co-starring in Wolverine 3, and a lead role in later X-Men movies.


3: Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)


A massive Captain Marvel fan who turns out to be an Inhuman, Kamala has become this decade’s answer to Spider-Man. An enthusiastic super hero fan, as well as an enthusiastic young heroine, Kamala is a great role model for young people. She’s also a faithful Muslim, which would make for an interesting depiction on-screen. As great as she’ll be to see, I don’t think we’ll see her until after a second Captain Marvel movie, but it would be awesome.

Best medium for adaptation: Cameo in Captain Marvel 2 followed by her own movie.

2: Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales)


Fans have been campaigning for Miles to be the lead of the MCU Spider-Man reboot. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’ll happen, but I do think Miles will appear and gain spider-powers at some point in the new franchise. An inner-city kid, Miles has had one of the best characters arcs in recent publication, and would make for a great journey on screen.

Best medium for adaptation: Co-lead role in the new Spider-Man franchise.

1: Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)


Until the Sony/Marvel deal was struck, Jess’s status was unclear. Now, it’s much more likely we’ll see a film starring the original heroine to use the Spider-Woman name (there’s been at least three). She’s a former SHIELD agent, Hydra double-agent, Private Investigator, and Avenger. She was replaced by Skrulls in the Secret Invasion, and became an alien hunter for SHIELD’s sister organization SWORD. That’s just scratching the surface. There’s a lot fertile ground for where you go with Jess. It need to happen.

Best medium for adaptation: Film series and Avengers lead.

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