Welcome to my AMA, which I will use to reference Sluggy Freelance at every chance. But seriously, I’m here today to talk about Early Childhood Education and my experiences with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Some background. I’ve worked in Childcare (daycare) for a total of ten years. I have professional experience with children as young as one year old to twelve years. (or whatever age middle school ends) I had my CDA certification, which was equivalent to an associate’s degree. Originally I was going to finish school and become a teacher, but life had its own plan. Thankfully I’ve had excellent mentors who taught me very well.

I’ve worked in Texas, Virginia, Maryland, in non-profit organizations, corporate daycares, and public school childcare. Over the years I’ve seen, or heard about everything, I doubt there’s much I’m not aware of. Ask me whatever you want, if I don’t know, you win a cookie.

Now on to PCOS. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, PCOS for short. Due to an imbalance of hormones, when my ovaries pop out an egg it sticks to the side of the ovary and grows a cyst around it, instead of moving through the fallopian tube. This causes m to not have a menstrual cycle for as long as 6 months, or as frequently as every two weeks, with each cycle lasting anywhere from3 days to two and a half weeks.


Been like that since I was 13. I’m currently 34. PCOS makes it extremely difficult to conceive, since there is rarely an egg without an impenetrable casing around it. And yet, just this past December, I brought forth the spawn now known as Minion.

As far as I know, PCOS is caused by a variety of hormone imbalances. The particular hormones (just two) that are screwed up in me have also put me in a higher risk group for ovarian and uterine cancer. Yay!

Some kind of thyroid problem is usually the cause of hormones going crazy. Not in my case. For me, this appears to be genetics.


5th panel is the relevant one.

As previously mentioned, I’m now trying to raise a geeklet. Her Lair is dressed in red, white, and blue, featuring Cap, WW, Supes, and Bats (cause I can). One of her two bookcases is full of books, the other is a firehouse, which will one day house a spectacular block set. As far as toys go, I haven’t got much geeky for her, but then she isn’t that old. She received tons of normal stuff from the baby showers, which means lots of it is pink. There’s nothing wrong with pink, I just hate it. Plus she seems to like blue. I’ll just leave this for open ended discussion.


And lastly, but not least, Read Sluggy! All Hail the Nifty! Worship the Comic!


Note, I’ve had a rough night, so if I don’t respond quickly, its cause I’m trying to sleep. I promise to get to everything eventually.