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The O-Deck All Pokemon Team

Well, there was an interesting post this morning and it caused quite a bit of stir. We all have our favorites, true. But, sometimes those favorites get left out. Perhaps someone limits us to only 150 Pokemon (this is fine with me as I am wayyyyy behind in Pokemon lore), or perhaps someone mistakenly uses Arcanine as a RB when clearly Jolteon is a better choice. Who are we to judge though? With this in mind, I thought we might create an All O-Deck Pokemon Football Team. The rules are simple:

- This will only be the first 150 Pokemon (sorry, sorry)

- There will be 4 Pokemon to choose from per position

- If you hate my choices, leave it in the comments. We'll hash it out there.

- Voting is open for 24 hours to allow everyone an opportunity to vote.

- Feel free to share this with infrequent O-Deckers on other sub-blogs (that might cause some voting problems, but intellectual honesty, etc. etc.)


Now, the same rules apply as in Carrie Hunt's post so have at it.


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