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The OA Nitpick of the Week

Spoilers ahoy (and I do mean ahoy) through episode four, SYGYZY. Avoiding this post until that episode has been screened is highly recommended. In fact, I’m adding another sentence here to make sure you can’t see the next, tantalizing line.

I had some suspension of disbelief problems with the giant octopus.

To review: the OA and Karim go to the SYGYZY club to see what kind of demented shit Nina was into. There, Karim sneaks off to search the building while the OA, disguised as Nina, is ushered down a hallway and strapped to a stout wooden chair.


A curtain rises and an audience looks on as a giant octopus named Old Night, situated in a tank behind the OA, proceeds to affix itself to her arms, thus explaining the marks we’ve seen previously. They embark upon a telepathic conversation, which the OA relates to the stunned audience, and some borderline tentacle porn.

After a few minutes of repartee, the OA agrees to let the octopus choke her out to induce a vision of the OA running down the aisle of an airplane toward a woman whose face we don’t get a clear look at.

Pretty straightforward stuff so far.

But when we cut back to the auditorium, Karim has sprinted down from the lighting booth where he was observing the octopus presentation and killed Old Night to save the OA with a machete he found somewhere.


Wait, what?

That multipus would have kicked Karim’s ass! Look at the size of that fucking thing!


I’d give Karim the benefit of the doubt that he’d get in a swipe or two, probably enough to sever the tentacle around the OA’s neck, but the octopus would still have enough arms to tear Karim’s limbs off without ever letting go of the OA. Could Karim even reach the octopus’ head?


Please note spoilers for subsequent episodes.

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