Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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The One with the Paleo Costume Party

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Artiofab is a member of a few scientific societies, and he regularly attends annual meetings of one of them on a pretty consistent basis. From the image you can probably guess which.

Said meeting is next week, as in, the second day of the four day conference is on Halloween. As in, the day that I am standing next to a scientific poster for 2 hours, while talking to colleagues and potential future post-doc supervisors is Halloween. About 90-98% of my brain tells me that being in costume next to a scientific poster is a great way to lower my odds of being employed in the future. But the other 2-10% of my brain says that our society is chill enough that it would not be a horrible idea: we have an annual auction in which the auctioneers are in costume, and a student/postdoc event later that night is having a costume contest.

io9hivemind: what say you?
1) Should I wear a costume while I am standing next to my scientific poster? (I am currently leaning away from this)
2) Should I wear a costume while I am at the event later that night? (I am currently insistent upon this)
3) Is chaos theory a ladder? (...I just realized that instead of Petyr Baelish, I should instead be dressing up as Ian Malcolm + Petyr Baelish)


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