According to Comics Alliance, Disney and Lucasfilm are publishing another comics version of the original Star Wars trilogy. Unlike the original adaptations published by Marvel, which featured “realistic” art by comics legends Howard Chaykin and Al Williamson, this edition — available March 1 as a 208 page hardcover — will feature a distinctly cartoonish style, reminiscent of Clone Wars and Rebels.

As someone who was a fan of the old Star Wars comics but never felt that the artists really got the hang of the characters or the universe — Carmine Infantino was a legend, but he couldn’t draw the Falcon or a TIE Fighter to save his life — I have to admit that I really like the new, “Disneyfied” style. And if Disney chooses to use these versions as models for a spinoff show about the old-school Star Warriors during or after the Galactic Civil War, I’d be perfectly happy with this decision.